Quickly and flexibly manufacturing complex access technology special designs for maintaining and repairing rail vehicles is a special focus at euroline. With a wide breadth of manufacturing knowledge, we are well-equipped to construct and deliver customised developments. more 


  • Custom and individualised special solutions based on your specifications for working safely on large vehicles
  • Perfect adjustment to specialised vehicle types and contours (bridging the gap)
  • Electrical or mechanical height and lateral adjustment
  • Buffer guard to protect the vehicle from damage
Project example ▼


  • New construction of a railway depot, complete with access technology
  • This is intended to allow access to various areas of the railway vehicles, which is why stationary and mobile accesses are necessary.

Standards and Regulations

All structures are manufactured in compliance with the applicable DIN EN ISO 14122 and in compliance with the regulations of the Quality Management System as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Customised equipment

Safety details on permanently installed roof working platforms

Securing the train roof on all sides with the aid of:


  • Additional accessible safety platform on the other side in order to provide a guardrail on both sides during roofing work
  • Attachable front railing for front-side fall protection with various train lengths
  • Connection to the administrative building (7)
  • Access available through three fixed stairs, each secured with a self-locking safety door in order to avoid falls on the staircase



Safety details mobile roof working platforms


  • Consisting of 2 platforms that have can be used as a fixed, attached platform and two individual platforms for additional flexibility
  • Access is provided via attachable stairs that can be removed when not in use to save space
  • Railings are folding, so that they can be used as a  safety cage during roofing work
  • Connections for electric and pneumatic supply lines


Fixed roof working platforms with a total length of 115 m, complete enclosure of the train roof for achieving the best working safety without any risk of falling

Mobile roof working platform for flexible use on other tracks

Mobile front working platform for safe work in front and top areas

Mobile lateral working platform to be used in the lower lateral area

Mobile boarding aid for safe ascent on top of the train, can be used on any position in the workshop

Track boards, 2 pieces for safely crossing the track pits

Connection to the administrative office

Scope of the order

  • Measurements by our design team
  • Technical consulting and design
  • Production, delivery and assembly
  • Acceptance
  • Introduction and training for employees
  • Technical documentation

realized aluminium constructions

Professional scaffolding for flexibility and safety

Professional installation for flexible and safe servicing with zero gap,
height adjustment with lateral extension and attachable platform for German Railways

Mobile working platform for maintenance and assembly work

For maintenance and assembly work in various vehicle areas; an additional podium allows you to quickly and safely reach various working heights; inserted railings on the open side; folding doors on both staircases

Mobile working platform with fall protection

Two-part working platform for flexible use, also usable as individual platforms; Can be coupled at the side or front via quick release fasteners;
Front railing pluggable as a fall protection when used as a single platform; Electric height adjustment each platform

Stationary roof working platform constructed for two tracks

Designed for two tracks: While one remains in operation and is therefore live, you can work on the other;
Two separated stairs; electrical door lock at the stairwell; separated work platform with dividing wall

Attachable roof working platform for professional scaffolding

Mobile roof working platform which can be attached for various uses; Adjustable height with Vario stairs
Side expansion for working with zero gap; comprehensive buffer protection to protect the vehicle hull

Höhenverstellbare Arbeitsbühne mit zwei Zugängen

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Höhenverstellbare Arbeitsbühne mit innenliegender Treppe

The description will be come soon


The description will be come soon

Dacharbeitsbühne mit Podestausschüben

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Wartungsbühne mit Schweißvorhang

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Frontarbeitsbühne mit Zweiwegefahrwerk

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Mobile Wartungstreppe

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Mobile höhenverstellbare Frontarbeitsbühne

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Mobile Frontarbeitsbühne mit Versorgungsleitungen

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Mobile Wartungsbühne mit Zentralfeststellung

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