Modernization vehicle fleet

Some new vehicles and trailers put into operation.

New vehicles
New vehicle in front of the new production building

As a traditional partner to specialist retailers, tradesmen, and industrial customers, we know how significant high delivery capacities are. Reliable and comprehensive inventory is the basis of our excellent delivery capacity. We also have our own euroline lorry fleet. It closes the gap between warehouse and customer. We guarantee fast, on-time delivery.


In addition, our euroline lorry fleet helps us build trust and loyalty among our customers. The delivery with own trucks allows an enormous flexibility. Our esteemed drivers are point of contact for minor problems, which often can be solved on the spot.


In addition, the advantage of delivery with our own trucks is, that the products generally do not need to be packaged, which saves the provision and disposal of packaging material.



New truck with trailer body and new trailer
New truck with trailer body and new trailer

In order to be able to carry out this service in the usual way, it is necessary regularly to invest in the maintenance of the vehicle. Therefore, we are very pleased, that we were able to put three new vehicles, including a new trailer body and new trailer into operation last week. Prior to commissioning, the new vehicles were foiled with our “euroline design” and thus visual adapted to the company.


Through the renewal, we can ensure in long term that the offered service for our customers is secured and our drivers always have modern work equipment at their disposal.

Location: Bad Pyrmont

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