Summer festivity at euroline

Team building day in the Teampark

At the "Wall" extraordinary team spirit was needed
At the "Wall" extraordinary team spirit was needed

On June 23, 2017 our Managing Director Florian Schlichte invited the whole company to the Teampark in Detmold. At 9 o'clock, all colleagues from both plants went to the Teampark by bus.


At first a team task had to be solved. After initial difficulties, everyone worked together to solve the task. Past lunch, further team tasks could be done on the ground. All the brave could now climb up to 10m height. At the "Wall" extraordinary team spirit was needed. Each team member should be brought to the 4m high wall only with help of the group.



Climbing together in the Teampark


Afterwards everyone could climb in the Teampark, whereby the colleagues always mutually secured themselves. At about 4.30 pm we went back to Bad Pyrmont. When we arrived at euroline premises, a hot grill was already waiting for us. With delicious food and cold drinks, we were able to finish this wonderful day together.


It was a great day that strengthened the group feeling and pulled us together. We are sure that everyone can take this positive feeling into his workday.



Location: Bad Pyrmont

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